Get Wise about what you pay for

Wise Pricing

Wise Business Banking
$10/ month
  • Modern business banking
  • Earn up to 1%*
  • Get paid fast
  • Send payments easily
Get Wise
* You earn 1% cashback incentive on deposits. 0.5% base, plus 0.1% for every $1,000 spent on Wise cards, up to a maximum of 0.5%.
All inclusive

Here's what you get

Banking features
Cashback incentive
Up to 1%
0.5% base, 0.1% for every $1,000 purchased on Wise cards
Debit card included. Virtual cards coming soon!
Fund via ACH, Wire or Debit Pull
Limits apply for ACH Pull and Debit Pull
Store as many contacts as you need
Getting paid
Incoming bank transfers and wires
25 free ACH deposits per month, $1 per ACH deposit thereafter
Mobile card reader
$100 value
Remote check deposit
Coming soon
Some limits apply
Send customized invoices with card acceptance
3% fee on cards, $2,500 per invoice limit
Make payments
Outgoing bank transfer
25 free per month, $1 per ACH thereafter
Instant by Wise (to Visa debit card)
10 free per month, $1 per payment thereafter
Mail a physical check
5 free per month, $1 per check thereafter
Send digital checks and international wires
Coming soon
Coming soon
24-hour account origination
We onboard you fast
Live product training
30 minute video training with a pro
24/7 live chat support
Always on it
QuickBooks support
Coming soon
CSV export now, Live Feed coming soon
Got questions?

Pricing FAQs

What do you get for $10/month?
See the table of features above. You get all that and more. When you consider you can easily wipe out the $10 by carrying a balance and earning cashback incentive, it’s an easy choice, in our humble opinion... and we’re just getting started.
What other fees are there?
There generally aren’t a lot of extra fees with Wise, but there are a few you should be aware of. Please see this article for a complete list: Wise Fee Structure
Where can I find the Terms of Service?
When will I be charged?
We won't charge you for a partial month. We will debit your account the $10 fee after each complete month, on the 1st day of the next month. So if you sign up for Wise on July 2, you will get charged on September 1. Coincidentally, this is the same day we will deposit the cashback incentive you have earned over the last month, so you might come out ahead!

Not bad right?

Start banking Wise today.