Wise just got wiser

Our mission is to be alongside ambitious businesses, every step of the way. Wise envisions a world where modern businesses can bank, pay, and get paid — effortlessly! This starts with thinking differently and understanding the needs of today, not the past. As we continue to redefine the way businesses bank, we are evolving our brand, too.

Powering over 1000 modern businesses, Wise continues to rapidly grow. We're here to infuse banking into the digital world and bring a new level of efficiency to how businesses get things done.

Wise up to the all new wise apps

While our look evolves, our mission stays the same. Wise is always there for your business to provide a seamless experience that combines banking with ways to pay and get paid. We strive to make our customers happy by going beyond traditional banking, and we want our brand to truly reflect the customer experience we are providing.

We've always been Wise, and now we just got wiser. We're revealing our new look across the board - from our website and apps to our social channels and blog. We're very excited for you to meet the wiser Wise. Our new look is in full swing.

Also, you can follow us on our social channels where we'll be regularly posting with our wiser look:

And don't forget to keep up with our blog that also sports our new look — we'll be publishing content regularly relevant to you and what you care about.

We are giving a new spin on what it means to be wise. Join us in rethinking how modern businesses bank and experience the wiser way.