Why I Co-founded Wise

Hi, I’m Suresh Venkatraman, Co-Founder and CTO of Wise. We’re building the next generation of banking for business with a modern, cloud based-approach. We’re freeing small businesses from the traditional banking model, providing convenient access to tools and products needed to grow.

How I landed at Wise?
As Co-Founder I’ve been with Wise from the beginning but the road getting here wasn't easy.  Arjun, the Wise CEO, and I had worked together in the past and were trying to figure out how to continue doing so in a startup where we could make an impact.

Though we were building a banking service we still needed to take the first step was finding a bank to use for startup operations. The day started innocently enough as we walked into a local bank with all our paperwork in hand. That was the beginning of a chase around silicon valley to find a bank that would take our money and open up an account. Banks would reject us for all sorts of reasons or just ignore us. At that point we knew business banking was fundamentally not built to service small business. Wise was needed to fix this.

Over the past few months Wise has grown from a 2 people to almost 20 and we’ve built a great team and product. The wise product will always be a reflection of that great folks here making it happen.

Where do we go from here?
This is just the beginning for Wise as a company - stay tuned as we roll out more products and services to empower small business.

October 27, 2020
Arjun Thyagarajan