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A truly innovative company finally finds banking that makes sense for modern business needs. When Watt Wagons met Wise, it left one-size-fits-all banking in the past.

Intro Summary

Watt Wagons, the leader in record-setting ebikes, was dissatisfied with the lack of personalization and confidence in growing small businesses that comes with traditional banking. With Wise, Watt Wagons experiences banking that genuinely fits its needs.

Before Wise

  • no sound digital solution for business banking
  • trips to the bank limited to bank hours
  • frustration with traditional banks and credit unions

After Wise

  • embedded digital banking with built-in payments and invoicing
  • banking anywhere, anytime from mobile devices
  • satisfaction with modern banking improvements


Watt Wagons is not only on a mission to bring innovation to the ebike industry, but it is breaking world records. It boasts the first ebike to ever complete 395 miles in 24 hours - in under $1 of electricity.

As a company that is anything but traditional, Founder Pushkar Pathak experienced frustration after frustration while exploring traditional banks for Watt Wagons. Pushkar says, "I want my bank to be on every single second, 24/7, and this was hard to come by."

He found that traditional banks were not able to cater to progressive small businesses and regularly encountered a lack of personalization that damage the overall banking experience. When he looked to credit unions hoping for a better fit, he found that their digital solutions "just weren't there yet."

Watt Wagons needed a banking solution that matches its level of innovation and fills the gaps found in traditional banks and credit unions. "It's 2020 for crying out loud - things should just work."


With the goal of finding a bank that doesn't distract from running his business, Pushkar signed up to get Watt Wagons on Wise.

I'm working earlier than 9am and later than 5pm, how was I supposed to open an account during bank hours? I couldn't easily... until Wise.

Instead of spending time away from his company to open an account, Pushkar was able to onboard onto Wise entirely online, without stepping foot into a physical bank

By choosing Wise, Pushkar brought banking to Watts Wagon instead of taking Watt Wagons to the bank through Wise's embedded digital solution.


Since getting Watt Wagons on Wise, Pushkar can now bank on his schedule, from wherever he is. Watt Wagons is constantly on the go, and Wise allows Pushkar to bank on the go, too.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries for all, and we want our bank to do the same.

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