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Open Door Therapy strives to be digital in every way it can to expedite business operations with ease. The company sought out Wise for a modern solution when it comes to banking.

Intro Summary

Open Door Therapy, a practice specializing in therapy for families, parents, and children under 18, needed a bank that provides heightened efficiency for progressively digital businesses. With electronic records, online appointment bookings, and online patient onboarding, Open Door Therapy chose Wise to bring banking into its digital mix.

Before Wise

- trips to the "brick & mortar" bank
- frustration with customer service at traditional banks
- lack of a finessed digital solution from traditional banks

After Wise

- online-only bank starting with opening an account
- easily accessible + personalized customer service
- a full suite of tools in one digital banking solution


Jennifer Dolphin, Founder of Open Door Therapy, found traditional banking to be outdated, clunky, and more disruptive than not. As she develops her private practice, she is looking to find the best tools to help her grow.

"I really try to figure out the most simple solution for myself and for my clients. Naturally, I was going to brick-and-mortar banks for my business, and I just knew there had to be a better way," said Jennifer. From her eyes, she saw many flaws in how traditional banks operate.

"A lot of the big banks have big fees and all this extra stuff without any real benefits to the small business owner. Plus, you have to actually take time to go to the bank. I kept thinking, 'Man, wouldn't it be cool if banking was more convenient, like if it was online.'"

Jennifer needed a modernized banking solution without the fees, hassles, and trips to the bank. To alleviate frustration with traditional banking, Jennifer opened an account with Wise for Open Door Therapy.


With the desire to avoid spending time going to the bank, Jennifer opted for Wise's banking solution and experience banking catered to small business needs, and in the palm of her hand.

"Whatever I can do quickly from my phone - I'm always going to take that," says Jennifer. Jennifer already does most things on her phone, and now with Wise, she can bank on her phone, too.

"One of the main things that drew me to Wise was the ability to invoice clients directly from Wise - this really speeds things along."

Not only did Jennifer find a digital solution for banking, but she also found a bank with an entire suite of digital tools to help her business move ahead financially.


"I truly feel like I found the perfect bank for me. From the product down to the aesthetics. Aesthetics matter to me - it shows me a company cares about the finer details, and that's Wise. Plus Wise has other benefits, like the APY interest."

Jennifer continues to be a happy Wise customer - banking from her phone, creating invoices in seconds right from where she banks, and avoids the stress that comes with traditional banking.

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