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Kidsmart gets wiser about banking - hindered by outdated solutions and an invoicing nightmare, Kidsmart chose Wise to drive efficiency, save time, and minimize stress.

Intro Summary

Kidsmart, an organization providing after-school care, enrichment classes, and camps to students, needed modern banking to streamline how it banks, pays, and gets paid, with the objectives to minimize effort required and find a bank that provides more value. With Wise, Kidsmart was able to have a clearer view of its the business.

Before Wise

  • siloed approach that required multiple platforms to bank and manage payments
  • lack of organization for managing invoice leading to lost and overdue invoices
  • frustration with time spent on banking

After Wise

  • streamlined approach that embeds banking and payments into digital environment
  • new method to managing invoices that tracks status and increases transparency
  • less time focused on banking


Kidsmart's growth didn't come without difficulty. "There would be invoices sitting, several months past due – and no one knew," explains Shilpa Badadare, Founder of Kidsmart. This wasn't the only challenge.

The disorganization among invoices highlighted a much larger pain point for Kidsmart. Shilpa felt frustration with the amount of time and effort required to get things done and still not run smoothly. With multiple outdated solutions, problems were exasperated as time spent on banking continued to increase, taking focus away from what Shilpa truly cares about - customer relationships.

I wanted to spend less time on figuring out banking and payments, and more time on providing excellent care. I started using Wise in Sep 2019 and since then moved all of our processes to Wise.


Since Fall 2018, Kidsmart successfully migrated all banking and payments to the Wise platform and has never looked back.

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