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Innerstate finds a wiser [digital] banking solution - held up by bank transfers and the need for multiple finance platforms, Innerstate chose Wise to gain efficiency with speed and ease.

Intro Summary

Innerstate, a modern business providing shared workspace, was experiencing major headaches from the need of multiple finance platforms along with traditional banking. With Wise, Innerstate experienced how streamlined banking with built-in payments empowers business growth.

Before Wise

  • transfer wait times
  • multiple 3rd-party management platforms
  • solutions not designed for ad-hoc invoices

After Wise

  • faster payments and transfers
  • one platform for multiple financial needs
  • turnkey solution for invoicing


Founded by Matt Irwin, Innerstate offers virtual memberships for shared workspace - all bookings managed online. As a progressively digital business, Matt believed banking should be, too.

Innerstate's modern business needs shed light on the cracks in traditional solutions for banking and payments, proving them to be outdated.

With "janky" ways to create invoices on-the-fly, payments causing unknown bottlenecks, and the juggling of multiple platforms, Matt trusted Wise to be the first digital bank for Innerstate.

"My whole business is digital - the more pieces that can be digital, the better. No one wants to deal with the idiosyncracies of billing, they just want to get to the point."


Adopting digital banking for the first time, Matt got Innerstate on Wise and has been gaining efficiency ever since, from invoicing to payments.

Transitioning to Wise has been super helpful," says Matt, "now we can easily create invoices on-the-fly, pay and get paid instantly - it's so streamlined, Wise has helped countless times.

Wise's built-in turnkey solution enables invoicing "on-the-fly" without disruption and time spent, so Matt can keep business moving. "In today's culture, everything needs to move fast and be streamlined," says Matt, "and that's Wise."

By rethinking how to bank and make payments with Wise, Innerstate found a digital solution that reduced the number of platforms used to get things done - and with more agility.


"The more I engage with the Wiseguys, the more I learn about the safety behind FinTech and that there are solutions that actually get you faster results," Matt shares about his experience with Wise.

Though previously hesitant to trust digital banking, Innerstate has now seen what faster payments mean to cashflow by opening the doors to the benefits of FinTech with Wise.

"I realized that if I don't get my funds in 7 days, that's a big gap as a business owner. It's very advantageous to get the funds faster - Wise really demonstrates that." With Wise, Innerstate found a new level efficiency when it comes to banking and payments from a bank that tailors its solutions to the needs of the modern business.

With big banks you spend time being on the phone forever waiting on a scripted response - and then there's humans behind Wise, which is nice.

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